Looking for Internet in Grenada

The story of an ‘Internet Plaza’ to avoid in Grenada with lessons you can take anywhere.

Most “Internet Café” will let you plug in your laptop, even if there’s no explicit sign to say that. They’ll either have a wireless connection or will unplug the network cable from one of their computers or they have an ‘empty’ desk with cables ready for you.

But there are exceptions, for example the ‘Internet Plaza’ in St George, Grenada which cruise passengers will see in the shopping mall attached to the dock. This is facility best avoided in favor of other places a short walk away.

The ‘Internet Plaza’ has some desktop computers available, all connected via a wireless hub. However customers cannot connect their own laptops to that facility. We were offered a wired connection via a short network cable which meant had to sit on a chair and balance the laptop on our knees (which isn’t practical when you’ll be spending some time online). This is strange because aside from passengers, many crew members have laptops so providing basic accommodation for portable computer users will be used.

For US$10 an hour you’d think the Grenada ‘Internet Plaza’ would have better facilities, and more friendly staff than the surly lady we had to deal with. Clearly the management feels that their position just near the dock means they don’t have to try.

Anyway, you can walk away from such nonsense, there are other options. In the case of Grenada, a short walk up the hill to Comp-Data Electronics on St John’s St, St George, Grenada found an air-conditioned store with a network cable and desk easily available (and they are friendly).

Tip: when travelling, look for ‘Internet Café’ but also general computer stores. In many places the computer stores will have internet access or will help you find a place that does.