Email Aliases in Office 365

There is no catch-all email in Office 365 but aliases are buried in the configuration. Yet even then they aren’t properly implemented.

The Office 365 implementation of email aliases is a typical Microsoft minimal effort. They’ve done enough so they can say Office 365 has ‘aliases’ but lacks the depth of work to deal with the consequences.

There is no ‘catch-all’ feature in Office 365 which is a shame for power email users.

An Office 365 user can have multiple alias addresses within a domain but they have to be setup before accepting emails. . Eg user DEE@tweedle can have an alias DUM@tweedle so any messages to DUM@tweedle go to the DEE@ users Inbox.

Do this via the Admin page. Admin Overview | Users | Select the user | More | Email Options | Add then enter a new alias and the domain name from the list provided.  You need Administrator access to do this.

Office 365 - add email alias image from Email Aliases in Office 365 at

You should be able to easily setup an Inbox rule for incoming messages using an alias, but it’s strangely missing from Office 365. The ‘It was sent to’ rule doesn’t provide for selection of an alias! You can work around that omission by selecting ‘More Options …’ then choose ‘Includes these words’ … ‘in the recipients address’ then enter the alias.

You could use an Inbox rule to forward messages to another address.  Sadly there’s no feature to redirect a message, a common feature in most domain level email hosting.

Alas, there’s no option to add many aliases (handy if you’re migrating a domain) nor is there admin option to view all email accounts and aliases in a domain.  As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no ‘catch all’ option to redirect messages for unspecified users to one mailbox.

Microsoft has a lot of work to do in this part of Office 365 before it becomes a fully functional email service.