Sharepoint news feeds to end

The MSDN news feeds commonly seen on Sharepoint sites will end in early February 2007 but there is an alternative

The MSDN news headlines are supplied with Sharepoint 2003 and commonly used on Sharepoint home pages.

That service ends in February 2007 – from 6 February there will be no headlines and at the end of February all you’ll get is an error message.

The best alternative is to bring in an RSS feed and convert it into a web part.  There’s no in-built way to do that and if you try to make your own you’ll find youself in the arcane world of RSS and ATOM versions, XSL.

Thankfully, George Tsiokos has made it a lot easier.  Go to this page, fill in some details under ‘Usage’ then click the ‘Get wss-rss.dwp’ button to download a small DWP file.  Repeat the process for each feed you want to display.

Import the DWP file into your Sharepoint web parts and the RSS feed will appear on the Sharepoint page.

Tip:  rename the wss-rss.dwp when you download it, so it is clear what feed it contains.

For example use our ‘Recent Articles’ feed:

to get this in Sharepoint:

Office Watch RSS feed in Sharepoint image from Sharepoint news feeds to end at

George also has instructions for making your own feeds locally but I suspect most administrators will be content to make a few DWP’s through his clever site.