Kindle Fire and DOC files don’t work

Despite Amazon promises, Word DOC files aren’t read directly by the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has been a little shifty when it comes to mentioning document compatibility for the Kindle and especially Kindle Fire.

The official list includes two file types that DON’T work and omits an important file type that definitely DOES work.

Amazon blurs the idea of ‘compatible’ documents by mixing the file types that the device can read directly and those it reads after conversion on Amazon’s servers. Not everyone is happy with the privacy issues in sending document away for offsite conversion and storage.

In this article we’re interested in the document types that the Kindle Fire can really read directly with no conversion.

The full Amazon list of natively supported formats is here as at 11 Jan 2012

Kindle Fire - native format list from Amazon.jpg image from Kindle Fire and DOC files don’t work at

The documents part of this list is wrong. We’ve tested on our Kindle Fire and it’s backed up with many online reports.

Both DOC and TXT files can’t be read by the Kindle Fire directly.

We’ve copied many Word document and text files to a Fire device (version 6.2.1) put them in the /documents folder but they don’t appear on any list to be read.

PDF files are supported natively on the Kindle Fire, despite the list above. Simply copy the PDF into the /documents folder of the device and it’ll appear in the ‘Docs’ list right away. Office 2007 and Office 2010 can make PDF files to be read on the Kindle Fire.

There are other ways to read Office documents on a Kindle Fire, we’ll look at those in the near future. But be aware that Amazon’s compatibility promises aren’t always correct or are carefully worded to obscure what the device can and can’t do directly.