Office 2007 – the comic strip

Beleive it or not – there’s now a comic strip to promote Office 2007 – The Enchanted Office.

Another part of the promotion of Office 2007 is an online comic from Microsoft called ‘The Enchanted Office: Once upon a user interface

According to Microsoft “a creative way to broaden the exposure of Office 2007 to the consumer market” and also “the comic also attempts to address some of the most common questions of IT professionals and the needs of everyday information workers“.

We suspect there are lot’s of Microsoft ‘in-house’ jokes that will miss those not on the Redmond campus.

For example ‘Jensen’ is Jensen Harris and ‘Julie’ is Julie Larson-Green – two people who have worked long and hard on the Office 2007 ribbon (including patiently explaining it to a hard-to-please editor of Office Watch ).

I’m not sure it adds much to the sum of human knowledge but its a bit of fun – something that’s often missing from earnest Microsoft promotion – and therefore it’s most welcome.