Word 2010 Command Finder improvements

Some enhancements to our popular Word 2010 commands finder

Thanks to all the Office-Watch.com readers who sent in suggestions and thanks about our Word 2010 Command Finder.

We’ve acted on those comments and added a few improvements:

Type in your text then press Enter to start the search.
The command list is too large for many browsers (especially Firefox) to cope with the ‘Search as you type’ feature. We’ve reluctantly removed the dynamic search in favor of a more traditional approach.

‘More Info’ button
Click on the new button at right to show details of the selected command. Over time we hope to add extra details to that page.

Command Finder - More info.jpg image from Word 2010 Command Finder improvements at Office-Watch.com

Hover over row
The current row is highlighted as you move your mouse pointer down the rows.

This is an evolving project, we’re working on better ways to present this (and more) Office information that’s currently hidden away in the bowels of the Office applications.

Enjoy …