Office 2011 for Mac on 26 October

Macintosh users can get their ‘catch up’ version of Office soon.

Office 2011 for Macintosh will be on sale from 26 October 2011.

Office 2011 will have some interesting changes like a totally revamped Email and PIM program called ‘Outlook for Mac’ which will be able to integrate with the Spotlight search system and Time Machine backups. You’ll be able to import PST data files from Outlook for Windows.

There’ll also be a Ribbon interface – something that will be a mixed blessing for Mac users but was inevitable to provide consistency with Office 2007 and Office 2010.

Mostly there’ll be co-authoring improvements to keep multiple versions and edits straight. You’l be able to save documents to SharePoint and on Skydrive with Office Web Apps to edit the same documents from a browser.

More details at the Office for Mac site.

Prices have already been announced with an effective price increase if you want to keep all the same applications as in your current Office for Mac bundle. As one reader has already mentioned, the more expensive ‘Home and Business’ edition might not be necessary.