LinkedIn fake messages

What to do about the latest email pest that Outlook isn’t detecting.

The latest serial Inbox pest is fake messages that appear to come from the LinkedIn service. Outlook with the latest junk e-mail update doesn’t pick them up.

The ‘From’ address is spoofed to appear to come from but hovering over one of the links reveals that the destination has nothing to do with LinkedIn.

Fake LinkedIn message.jpg image from LinkedIn fake messages at

The From name has been consistently ‘LinkedIn Communication’.

The subject lines we’ve seen are:

  • LinkedIn new messages
  • LinkedIn Update
  • LinkedIn Alert
  • Updated Team Contact List
  • LinkedIn Messages,

Automatically moving these messages is tricky if you use the LinkedIn service. It can be hard for Outlook’s rules to tell the difference between real and fake messages.

If you don’t used LinkedIn the solution is easier. You can setup a rule to look for messages with the subject ‘LinkedIn new messages’ or another of the others mentioned above. Move them to the Junk e-mail folder where they belong. Eventually the Microsoft supplied filter should deal with the fake messages and you can remove the rule.

It’s tempting to make a rule to detect and move all ‘LinkedIn’ messages but that would misdirect legitimate messages from LinkedIn (for example someone inviting you to join them on the site).

As usual, these spam/phishing messages will probably abate fairly quickly so the easiest option might just be the Delete key!