Office Watch on the Kindle titles are now available on the Kindle

We’re delighted to announce that three titles are now available on the Kindle.

You can now get our popular ebooks to read in the Kindle format – either on a Kindle device or on a PC, Mac, iPad or even an iPhone or Android phone!

Office 2010 the real startup guide


Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office

Clever Outlook Contacts

All the Kindle device/software features are available including changing text size to make reading comfortable for you, ‘reflowing’ text to fit the screen, adding your own notes and text-to-speech. Whispersync lets you open the ebook at the same place wherever you are reading – think of it as an automatic portable bookmark.

Of course the Kindle software gives you a full color images throughout.

Kindle - Office 2010 the real startup guide.jpg image from Office Watch on the Kindle at

We haven’t just ‘ported’ the current ebooks to the Kindle format. As enthusiastic Kindle users we’ve added Kindle specific information in the endnotes – just as there’s a primer for PDF readers in the recent, current editions.

We’ve made sure that the exact same content is in the Kindle editions of the ebooks – everyone gets the same ‘no holds barred’ details, help and tips on Office products.

Remember, lovely as the Kindle devices are, you don’t need Kindle hardware to try out Kindle books. The Kindle software is free for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android devices. There’s many free books to try it out.