Convert .docx for free online

A web site that will convert your .docx file into fairly raw text.

If you get a .docx file and can’t convert it, one free option is

This site will take a .docx file and return the text with formatting.   The features have improved a lot over time – these days it can handle basic text formatting and paragraph formats plus tables.  The output can be to a wide range of document formats – an embarrasment of choices really.

In other words, you can get the text of a document and some formatting but don’t expect the result to look like the original document.   

It’s worth keeping in mind if you need conversion and can’t install any software to do the job.

The better solution (if you don’t have Office 2003 or Office XP) then get the free Word viewer from Microsoft which lets you open a .docx file then copy the contents to your normal word processor.